"El Silencio De Los Objetos" 
Orignal soundtrack for the feature film.
A blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. A contemporary soundscape with classic reminiscences. 


Alejandro Bonatto was born in Argentina where he studied music and opera direction.

In 2004 he graduated with the "Best student performance" honor mention at the 'Art Institut of Teatro Colon.'   

Later, he completed his MA in Electroacoustic Composition  in London.


Bonatto has collaborated with many opera directors, film directors and choreographers.

His work as a composer is situated on the axis between music, sound and narrative.


He was awarded with the first prize at the Music Composition, Improvisation and Digital Arts Festival "IDAF" in 2013.



In 2008 he won the 'Opera de Camara del Teatro Colon' competition.